So, well…

by pauland1707

Hurrah and Huzzah, for the whole new pile of ol’ bollocks that we shall call the @_Paul_And_Land_ Blog thingie. 

More of the same ol’ shit basically, put into a brown paper bag and set on fire by your front door.  Nice.

So, well, this week. All sorts of stuff happened in @_Paul_And_Land_. Some of it was interesting: @EastAnglear got arse-holed in Nott’m, @Lawrence_rayner went to “the smoke”* and @Ladyloki decided on bathroom tiles.  Other bits were just arse: the feckin’ relacement bus broke down and “The Lady From Warrington” entered the world. She soon fecked off as well.

*This is edgy ol’ shit, you know. We know all the language an’ stuff.