Bad Stuff

by pauland1707

Once in every while, bad stuff happens ‘ere in _Paul_And_Land_.  You know the kinda stuff: dodgy politico’s, dodgy Chief Exec’s, people who mock cordurouy, that kind of bad stuff.

Well we’re a tad pissed off now at North Lincolnshire Council.  Y’see, the whole concept of democratic accountability is being fucked over by these “elected suits”, let’s explore.

Tory run North Lincolnshire Council decided that they weren’t right keen on the way stuff for young people was done, so they decided it was rather nifty to dump on these guys and the people running those services.  Yup, the “elected suits” made that decision and did they ask anyone about this?  did they bollocks.

Not surprisingly, the little rascals got a tad up-tight.  They kicked off.  Majorly.

Then they got sorted. They took on the “elected suits” in the way that “they” wanted.  Then the “elected suits” changed the rules.

So the little tinkers got up-tight again. And kicked off.  But they did as the “elected suits” wanted.

Then the rug was pulled.  The kiddies were getting too close and the “elected suits” couldn’t do with that.  They don’t like being challenged.

Well go on guys, you stick it right up the “elected suits”.  And make it good.