Feckin’ Weird #47

by pauland1707

“Arse” is all we have to say to the world today.  _Paul_And_Land_ is all of a tizzy, everything is wrong.  Totally feckin’ wrong.

Our Motoring Correspondent, the ever everish @EastAnglear is baking cakes and cooking crisps.  What’s all that about?  We don’t not pay these highly respected Correspondents to do other Correspondents jobs.  Anyone would think that this is the Land of Murdoch.

And then our Food and Drink Correspondent, the totally @Fullmooseim, informs the world that she’s off for “a raz” around the park on her bike, known affectionately as “ThunderC*nt”.  Just how the feckin’ bollocks is she going to get wasted, and write about it, riding a sodding push-bike.  We’re almost speechless here in the nerve centre of _Paul_And_Land_.  The future of this well oiled, military operation is being sort of un-oiled and un-military operationed.

Oh, and a rabbit escaped in Suffolk.