Heston, or indeed Woolley Edge, Blumenthing

by pauland1707

Excitement has been at a modicum, of late, here in the Land of _Paul_And_.  Foodie stuff and things are really starting to bend the needle of bendy needle type bent needle measuring type things.  Pans: Copper Bottomed, Non Stick Teflon (as prefered by the chap that has ruined our local soccer legending chaps), Laminate or Pyrex.  Cookers: Gas, Electric, Thermo-Nuclear (particularly if one is knocking up a Shepherd’s Pie a la Pyongyang.  Take one Shepherd…) or, for the purists, Steam.  Wine: Most Kind.

Peanuts are, we believe, very nutritious.  Then again, so is coal.

This is Kate Adie, for some News Agency, signing off.