The World of Roy: Shower of Power (Part Tiger, Part Cauliflower)

by pauland1707

Obviously, somewhere along the sunlight dappled country lane of life (c/o former sex-god and reknowned undergarment model, Major John Major BBC and Bar) the point has been well and truly missed, even though it’s not difficult (at this moment we drift into an @Fullmooseism type stare with full on “now we’ve got problems” attitude which looks something like:   -_-  ).

Y’see, the whole idea of “The World of Roy: Shower of Power (Part Tiger, Part Cauliflower)” was to highlight the inescapable truth that Roy’s truly are the business.  So why no feedback?  Are you implying that there are no great Plumbers and Electricians blessed with the suitably regal moniker of Roy?  How could you, you cold, heartless swines.  And just as we were getting so close.

At the double, chop-chop.  Great Roy’s of the World (preferably Plumbers or Electricians). Begin.