Bank Holiday Meerkat: The Shining (Starring Oliver Reed)

by pauland1707

Err, yes, hmm.

There has been some conjecture that the last entry on _Paul_And_Land_ – “Bank Holiday Meerkat” was a fabrication of tissues and lies.  As if we would.

The mule was err, not quite true.

The fight was err, a tad embellished.

Some other bits had err, colour added.

_Paul_And_Land_ popped around to a local purveyor of rubbish.  That’s true.  And _Paul_And_Land_ checked out some of their quality wares:

A large meerkat solar light with globe, six quid; “Love on the Beach” Canvas, twenty per-cent off; Hanging artificial lavender ball; Toadstool decorative bistro set, strapline “Sitting Pretty”; 30 LED artificial topiary bush in pot, less than eighteen quid.  What is all this crap?

But, yes but, there was a DVD.  Actually many but one took the eye. “The Big Sleep” starring Robert Mitchum and James Stewart with Oliver Reed and Jackie Collins’ Brother John.  Trust us, it’s indeed a tad problematic to conceptualise, but this palace of capitalistic intent were trying to flog this DVD.

What a load of toss

What a load of toss

At this point in time, _Paul_And_Land_ started singing “Get out of Denver” by Mr Bob Seger.