Bank Holiday Meerkat

by pauland1707

Being of the type to do semi-normal stuff and things, the _Paul_And_Land_ trained mule, affectionately known as “Drugs”, was ladened up with copious quantities of comestibles et al for the Annual Road Trip of Road Trips to the Home of Crap Advertising and Shop of Uber-Tat.

Day 1

The only thing we had left to eat was the _Paul_And_Land_ trained mule, affectionately known as “Drugs”.  The day was hot and flies flew lazily around “Drugs'” nether regions.  The stench of rotting flesh from ASDA was overpowering and the smell of barbecues filled the air.  The Rihanna-based violence eminating from a thousand stereo’s was too much to bear.  It was “Drugs” or nothing.

Fortunately, for “Drugs” at least, the Home of Crap Advertising and Shop of Uber-Tat hove into view on the windward side and with deft skills usually only on hand for people blessed of deft skills in the deft skills department, we deftly and skillfully maneovred  manhoov maon pushed “Drugs” into a mule parking space identified by a large white painted mule.

On the floor.

Yes there is.

Look Sunshine, maybe you’ve got a problem but that is definitely a mule.

You really want to push this don’t you? Well push this, you fu….

It’s not everyday you experience A + E….