Newark (anag), 6

by pauland1707

Mrs Flossie Whipped-Cream of Newark (anag), 6, is well pleased to announce the future betrothal of her daughter, Tamara, to the local ne’er do well and Minister of her Majesty’s Parliamentary thingie, Mr Dick Making-Ceremony MP and Olive Trouser.

Mr Making-Ceremony MP may wear clothes of a cloth linenesque whereas Ms. Whipped-Cream will defy convention and wear a large jar of gherkins.  Some people will  attend and a guard of honour (CBE and Bar) will play trumpets.  Or Scrabble.

A suitably suitable reception, courtesy of Jeff’s Bar and Grill, may be provided in Jeff’s Bar and Grill at usual rates (contact Jeff on the unusual number).  Mr Making-Ceremony and Ms Whipped-Cream (formerly Mrs British Rail 1976) intend to set up home in Newark (anag), 6.  Or they may not.  Who knows.