by pauland1707

Just up the the road from _Paul_And_Land_ is a posh place called Posh_Land.  It’s posh, not surprisingly, where houses have doors and windows and drives and ponds and double garages and children called Giles or Tamara and big signs that say “Vote Conservative”.  Pillocks.

Well seems like Posh_Land has hit the skids.  Our ears to the ground on the inside, as it were, tell us that a food bank has opened in Posh_Land.  Good lord, seems like there are “Needy People” living there.

And what, pray, do their local BIG noises, ne’er do wells and huffer-puffers have to say about this growth industry in Posh_Land?  Strangely, nothing.

Big signs that say “Vote Conservative”.  Pillocks.