by pauland1707

There’s a very famous Armenian saying that goes something along the lines of: “Never covet your neighbour’s duck if you have no wardrobes”.  It may have lost something in the translation but basically what it’s getting at is if you have no wardrobes then you shouldn’t be coveting your neighbour’s duck.  Obvious really, isn’t it?

Another obvious thing, well actually it’s more obvious than that Armenian saying, is that if you’ve got a blog thing like this, you should write stuff down because you forget it.  And then you look stupid.

Or worse, you look very stupid.

Anyway, today, the Purchasing Team at _Paul_And_Land_ had a visit to Poundland* and bought some proper old school, school-books like from school.  Whoops, maybe we shouldn’t have said that because now we look very stupid.  No, really stupid.

But I need this unpaid job.  Oh heck.


*Other high end sales outlets my be available