Franz Kafka’s Sporting Career.

by pauland1707

Well known sporting legend, Mr Franz “Chopper” Kafka (1883 – 1924) was a little known sporting legend of some repute. He was also legendary, well known and also little known but had a degree of repute and legendariness. Allegedly.

Known as “Chopper” to his pet cat, Kafka had a short but legendary foopball career with his local team, Sporting Injuries Prague. However, and unfortunately, his legendary foopball career was brought to an early demise through a legendary and well known sporting injury to his foopball shorts. But enough, what may be of greater interest to lovers of _Paul_And_Land_ architectural delights is the University of _Paul_And_Land_. Possibly. Who can say?

Among the many delights of the University of _Paul_And_Land_ (sponsored by Auntie Charlene-Rayon’s Frosted Cup-Cakes of Mudpuddle, Nebraska – “The finest Frosted Cup-Cakes in Mudpuddle” – and Ray’s Tool and Foam Stall, Heckmondwike Market (Saturday’s only))* is the most excellent Brian Moore Sporting Legends and Injuries Wing.

Within the most excellent Brian Moore Sporting Legends and Injuries Wing of the legendary Univerity of _Paul_And_Land_ are corridors. Long corridors. With doors, lots and lots and lots of doors. Many of them, more even than at Wickes.** Or B & Q.** Or Tecsas.**

And each door has a sign to indicate what is contained within: Groin Strains, Hartlepool United, Discus, Stirling Moss, Tennis, Dry Stone Walling (competitive), etc, etc, etc and et al. Open a door, go on, you know you want to, and it reveals another corridor. With doors, decreasing in size. The size being indicative of the importance, relevance or relative merit of the content. Let’s wander down the “Chelsea” Corridor: Peter Osgood, FA Cup, Ron Harris, Thingie Torres, A Shed, Ken Bates. Doors in decreasing size, one after another, seemingly endless. Until the end. A very small door, tiny in its smallness, so small it’s tiny. Ever so, ever so little: John Terry’s Conscience.

*_Paul_And_Land_ accepts no responsibility for the somewhat silly rules of English punctuation.
**Other purveyors of doors are available.