The Big Dog: Emily’s Lost Beard

by pauland1707

Dependant on your view of history, or geography, or politics, or any other number of weird things or stuff, either in the Wild lands of Eastern France or the Wild lands of Western Germany there is a Wild place. Even wilder than a wild place gone native, this place is pretty much off the Ben Fogle scale of wild places. Known locally as either France or Germany, this little piece of both, like the untamed Venn Diagram which would be representative, has the blood chilling name of Alsace (and cue the thunderclaps clapping, dogs dogging and scared peasants err, being scared peasants).

This will not explain anything.

This will not explain anything.

“So why the sudden interest in Alsace” a scruffy urchin bereft of shoes asks. “Aha”, came the reply from the Elders and/or Betters of _Paul_And_Land_. And that was the answer, Aha. Not the Swedish, or Norwegian, or Finnish Supergroup led by some chap named Greenock Morten Half-Wit but just for the pleasure of knowledge.

So here’s some knowledge. Alsace is where German Shepherd Dogs come from. Hence their name, Heidi. Or Fritz. Or Tyson. Or Emily. This reminds us of another famous Alsacian: Mr Emily Durkheim and his prize winning beard. Emily (or Emile to his close friend, Mrs Durkheim) was pretty strung out on suicide and what did for folks. Ennui, as Emily called it or as we call it Big Dogs featured pretty high on the list, as did ennui and depression. Not forgetting suicidal tendencies.

That’s what France and/or Germany does for you: Suicide and Dogs. Or not, depends on where you’re at on the Venn Diagram.