Employment Opportunities

by pauland1707

For those few readers of _Paul_And_Land_ who seek the excitement and thrills that only excitement and thrills can offer, a life with Ben Fogle should be winking at you. Probably in a suggestive manner, as well.

However, and for those of us who like to keep our feet firmly on Terra Firma, what could more appealing than running away to join the circus.

Yeah, A Circus

Yeah, A Circus

Some of us, we appreciate, will not be endeared to certain tasks under the Big Top: waving a chair at unsuitably large big cats is, for example, not high on everyone’s CV. Likewise, donning lycra or a skimpy gold lame bikini and parading oneself on an all too similarly skimpy swing also may not be to everyone’s persuasion. Yet, and one is assuming wildly at this particular juncture, other opportunities must surely exist in today’s modern Circus environment. Health and Safety, for example, springs immediately to mind along with all those other back office functions of the modern organisation: Administration, Accountancy, Arbitration to name but three in the wide world of opportunities beginning with ‘A’ within the exciting world of Circus.

So next time the Circus comes to your town don’t think of it as Show Business think of it as Your Business!

*Other employment opportunities may exist.
**Always check your Employment Contract for full terms of Employment.