War on Terror

by pauland1707

Look back. In more ways than one. At _Paul_And_Land_ we made it clear that some things need a good look at. Proper things, real things.

Yeah, well this is a proper thing, a real thing. People dying, people getting lairy, people blaming people. This is wrong. This is very, very wrong.

Yes, it’s very easy to point the finger at someone whose colour, whose language, whose culture, whose religion is different. It’s very, very easy. That’s why people who struggle to see the real problem do it. It’s the damned foreigners at fault, y’see, messing up our lovely system. Well no, it ain’t.

Every day, in our lovely system, people are dying. Good people, people of all colours, all races, all cultures, all nationalities. And what is killing them? Why, our lovely system, our lovely capitalist system. People with no money and hence no hope in this fucked-up, ‘money is more important than anything’ system; throwing themselves under trains, off bridges or just doing for themselves with a handful of pills.

We, here at _Paul_And_Land_, are waiting for our politicos, the media and the people who jump on band-wagons to start shouting “Send Capitalism back to where it came from”. We may be waiting a long time.