by pauland1707

Well the boys with the pitchforks and fiery torches have been out on the streets of Grimsby overnight. Swallowing the bait, the hook, the line, the sinker and the fishing boat, they’ve decided that the best way to react to murder on the streets of London is to burn down a Mosque in Grimsby. That’s about 200 miles away from the site of the original crime. Smart, uh?

Hey wow, some crazy professor guy put some bits of human together and made a monster in a castle: “Burn the Village!”

Look boys, all you’re doing is reacting in the way that the Authorities want you too. You talk about your “Freedom”, well you’re headed the right way to lose it.

Right now, the bobby-coppers are having a squint at “on-line” stuff and as sure as eggs is eggs, they’re going to be checking out the Facebook accounts of the boys they already pulled in. So they’ll be after feeling a few more collars.

And when the bobby-coppers come knocking on your door, how’re you going to justify what you’ve done. You did it because a couple of nutters murdered someone for no good reason. Well that just doesn’t quite cut it really, does it. What you’re actually doing is, and don’t be ashamed because the Authorities and the Media have done the same, is put two and two together to make scapegoat. Think on lads.

And while you’re out and about with your fiery torches and pitchforks, you might want to spare a thought for David Hill. Yes boys, he was the bloke who died in police custody, in Grimsby, the night before Lee Rigby died. Don’t recall any Police Stations being torched but that wouldn’t make the headlines, would it?

Alf Wilkins made the headlines though, remember? Come on Grimsby, you’re better than this.