Err, Where To?

by pauland1707

Much of what the racists chant is of the vein “go back to where you came from”. Now let’s take this notion apart. If we’re going to start forcing people back where they came from, there’s going to be a lot of discomfort for Mummies and Daddies. There’s also going to have to be some major advances in Molecular deconstruction. Hmm, problematic.

Perhaps this isn’t the level of “going back where you came from” that these ol’ boys crave, so what is it? And how far back are we going to go in this process? Some of these lads, bereft of shirts but not of body art, proudly sing what they see as their National Anthem; God Save The Queen. Whoops, wrong move. Her Maj is of German extraction, not that some of them appear to have a problem with German ideology of past times but she isn’t full Brit as they would advocate. So ta-ra love, off you pop.

And then there’s her hubby, Phil. Well he’s Greek. And if you think about it, they’re living off the State so the whole damned lot can bugger off. Supposedly.

That’s got rid of them, who’s next? What about all them there Protestants? More Germans! Well they would have been if Germany had existed at the time and those Roman Catholics, go on bugger off to Rome. Normans, France. On your bikes. Hugenots, ditto. As for all you Vikings, Valhalla awaits. Angles, Jutes, Danes, shut the door on the way out, same with all you Irish, Picts, Scots and Mongol bloody hordes.

Tell you what, let’s all just climb up a tree and come down, once in a while, to stone a woolly mammoth for dinner. Would that suit?