Fundamentals (Part Two)

by pauland1707

In Fundamentals (Part One) we looked at the role of the Media and Government in creating a climate of fear and hysteria, and thereby ensuring that people remain acquiscent and ultimately controlled.

The world has a large population, this is not in question. Something more than seven billion people are crammed onto this comparatively small rock. But still there inequalities which are difficult to conceive. For example the richest 300 people on this planet have more wealth than all of the poorest 3 billion together. That’s 300 vs 3000,000,000,000. That is wrong, point 4.

Meanwhile, at a time when an estimated half a million British have become dependant on foodbanks, the super-wealthy flaunt their money in what can only be described obscene ways. The Billionaire’s Club in Monaco recently sold a round of Armand de Brignac Champagne for £330,000. A similar round would cost $500,000 at the Hakkasan Las Vegas, MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. That a single person is hungry whilst this level of excess continues is wrong, point 5.

For many years people have put their faith in politicians to readdress the inequalities that exist in the world. Strangely, many politicians across the world are extremely wealthy. Names such as Goldsmith in the UK, Berlusconni in Italy, and Rice in the US are synonymous with great wealth and, given their political stances, the opportunity to retain and indeed grow their fortunes with the greatest ease. However we should not forget that those of the left are as equally influenced by the lure of “the folding stuff”.

Most recently, David Miliband, son of leftist thinker Ralph Miliband and brother of Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, entirely forgot his role as a representative of the British public and threw in his job as an elected MP to chase the easy dollars on the US campus trail. So much for entrenched leftist views, they are as naught. But why should we be surprised at his apparent disregard? Many have gone before with the same cynicism for the electorate, some with even higher reputations, such as the Kennedy’s. Money, and the redistribution of it, cannot be trusted to the wealthy or politicians who are seeking to gain financially. That they are is wrong, point 6.