by pauland1707

Back in the days when rock n’ roll was in black n’ white: Elvis Pugsley, Matt Munro and those loveable mop-tops from Bootle called The Liverpools, there was a long haired bunch of ragamuffins called Status and Quo. This pair of loveable old-timers (starring Frank Rossi on denim and Ricky Parfait on drugs, allegedly) trotted out tunes which put you in mind of sticking your thumbs into the Levi Strauss belt loops and waving your hair about. Oh the fun we had. But enough.

Mr Parvenu and Mr Ross’s Lasagne for One Frozen Lunch had an album (that’s a collection of songs for you youngsters, rather like a CD but in a bigger box with a smaller hole) called “Dog of Two Heads”. Or something like. Maybe.

Aha, you scream! No and certainly not Yes is the answer. Nor is it Wishbone Ash or Emerson Fittipaldi, Lake Baikal and Palmer’s Lincoln Biscuits. Or even Van Der Valk Generator. We digress.

Here at _Paul_And_Land_, we once had a boil. A nasty boil. With two heads. Very painful, so painful we forgot about our broken leg. And arm. And the axe in our head. So when Mr Millipede and Mr Camerkazi have finished their love-in and intimate relations with each other perhaps they’d like to think about our broken legs. And arms. And the axes in our heads.

Just a thought, boys.