A Road Well Travelled

by pauland1707

Gawd Blimey Missus and other such hackneyed cliches, if it ain’t the return of our favouritist Norf Lincolnshire Councillor up to ‘is sauciest of saucy tricks again.  Indeed and forsooth, our new ‘On The Spot’ Correspondent, @NL_DarkKnight, cunningly dressed as Bruce Wayne has been making use of that there Twitter medium to update us on the shufflings of Cllr ‘Bobby’ of Torytown.  Seems that our ‘Bobby’ or ‘Alan’ or ‘Rob’ or ‘Robert’ or any mixture of the aforementioned has been getting himself into a bit of luke-warm water yet again.  Take it away, Bruce, a one, two, a one, two, three, four:

“We like good news don’t we?  Seeing new hovels being built for us plebs on t’ Brocklesby Ox site warms the heart”

“Of course they may not have happened without the foresight and psychic abilities of our favourite local politician”

“Seems like some sort of pesky planning type was going to make the decision on their own and insisted on rules n’ stuff!”

“good ol’ Alan used psychic abilities & called it in due to public interest, tho’ no public comments were sent to the planners!”

“By doing so that pesky planner was put in his place so his chums could have a look and make their own minds up!”

” I know, good job he knows how to get it done without them. Alan was even kind enough to speak to his chums on the committee too!”

“he’s the saviour of that town and all who sail in her!”

“Of course Brigg Town Council had objected so it’s strange that he’d call it in as he sits on that body”

“but then it has been said by local right wing types that BTC is overrun with nasty commie types that won’t follow Alan’s orders!”

“it’s no wonder the pork pies taste bitter these days after falling on post Robbie times.”

Well my goodness!  And him working for an MP, too.  Anyone would think the system was rigged.