Safety Messages

by pauland1707

Regular readers, and for that case irregular readers, of the most exhilarating blog this side of the Pecos, _Paul_And_Land_, will have noted (with some degree of sadness, we trust) a lack of blogging and words in that quarter. You may have shed tears at the potential demise of “World of Roy”, sniffed awkwardly at the thought of Jeff’s Bar and Grill serving its final Botulistic Burger or stared longingingingly into the middle distance contemplating legal advice from another bunch of sharks other than Nobby’s Legal Services of Mirfield.

Fear not Braveheart, that old rubbish lives on and today, as a vital public service to the public and everyone else who may or may not be public we are proud to bring you some vital “Safety Messages” (at this point, Derek, the official _Paul_And_Land_ Drummerist should have played a drum roll, but he called in sick with his lumbago* playing up so please feel free to imagine to a drum roll at this point. Or a trumpet solo. Or Jimmy Edwards on the Euphonium).

Safety Messages, indeed. Much heralded and ultimately wise young fellow, Mr @raiphsays very wisely and youthfully and Herald and Argus advises against the less than sagacious clicking of internet buttons and things. Evidence shows that this may cause certain problems which one would rather be without: broken computers, drug cartels knocking on the front door and broken computers being but four. Whilst there may be a certain amount of shortbread involved in the Scottish Legal System, Mr @raiphsays’ words are universal and should be heeded everywhere, as well. Don’t be clicking on links.

And don’t run when you’re carrying scissors.

You may also wish to consider a healthy diet (or certainly something more healthy than one of Jeff’s Pizzas (available from Jeff’s Bar and Grill, caution may contain asphalt)) in which case mosey on over to @EastAnglear where Wendell will be providing nutritious images of cous-cous, baked beans and potentially bicycles and new frocks.

And don’t speak to strangers or run when you’re carrying scissors. And certainly don’t speak to strangers who are running and carrying scissors.

*Other fruit-based cakes may be available. Or not, please ask at Reception. Full T & Cs apply. No dogs.