Lemon Drizzle Cake

by pauland1707

It seems that the constituent bits and bobs of a Lemon Drizzle Cake includes the juice of two lemons. Well there’s a thing.

Now let’s consider this; if we took the juice of every lemon in government then we’d all be as fat as porky pie pigs. But cake and revolution don’t sit well together, not since that episode in Paris, or Versailles, or Charles de Gaulle Aeroport with Marie Curie and those chaps with no trousers. We digress.

Maybe someone could take the juice of two Eds and make a cake. It would taste just the same as a Dave and George Cake. Or how about a nice little Owen Jones Cake? They all taste the same. ‘Cept Madiera Cake, maybe We could ask @Lawrence_rayner, our roving Cake Correspondent. But he’s up a mountain.

Hey Ho! Let them eat cake. Let’s go!