by pauland1707

Sometimes you just have to stand back and say “Bugger me Trevor, that’s alright is that”.  That is: one, if you know Trevor; two, if you’ve seen, or heard, or otherwise sensed something that’s alright; and three, you’re not stood backwards onto Beachy Head.  If you do stand back when you’re backwards onto Beachy Head you may well say “Bugger me Trevor, that’s alrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiii” followed by BUMP!

Now, readers of the slightly strange ramblings of @_Paul_And_, blessed be his trousers and his fixation with cordurouy, will be shocked, aghast, and quite frankly aghast with shock at the latest revelation that @_Paul_And_, blessed be his trousers and his fixation with cordurouy, has entered the lair of one so wrong that they can only be be described as rong.  But hey, what the blind buggery, even Bill Cheetham doesn’t see eye to eye with Cllr Neil Poo_e*.

Still here we go, yet another Norf Lincolnshire Councillor who may or may not have their tootsies in tepid water, take it away Bill: a one, two, a one, two, three, nine.

“Given recent controversy surrounding Pooleys Tearoom and that Crown Inn, Messingham has closed down. Shouldn’t serious>”

“<Questions be being asked of all concerned as to why Pooleys been ONLY paying business rate of £1848 cf £12481 for the Crown?!"

"No surprise when Business Rate on Crown is £12481 pa cf Pooleys' £1848. A BR that has NOT changed since April '10??!!"

"PS AND more to the point, given its change of use to a cafe/pub, how is it Pooleys Business Rate has not changed since 2010?!"

Well we don't like to pre-judge but something does appear a little amiss.

*Names may have been changed to protect ladies and horses ears