Sarky Basket

by pauland1707

With all the world’s problems going on around the world at the moment, one could almost be forgiven for forgetting that France (or France as the French prefer it) existed. Trust me, it’s still there; full of French stuff and Frenchified things including M. Carla Bloody Bruni, the weasly-faced former President Thingy Bloody Sarkozy. Git!

Not content with being a short-arsed, weasel-faced git, Mr Bruni (or Sarky to his friend) likes to pop up on French TV with frightening regularity spouting his wondrous ideas for la Belle France to follow to ensure that the country doesn’t head toward economic ruin. Interestingly, most of what the defeated, former President Bruni-Sarko bangs on about is not dissimilar to that advocated by the equally short-arsed, weasel-faced git, George Osbourne. The only difference between the short-arsed, weasel-faced pair of gits is that one has Madame Le Bruni in tow (or not), one is French, one is not Irish, one designs wallpaper and finally both talk out of their equally short-arses.

Fortunately France has a Socialist government.

Baahahahahahahaha! And Britain has a Left wing alternative. And Obama is a Marxist. Oh dear, you have to laugh don’t you?