Red Flag To A Bull

by pauland1707

Back in the day when Socialists had long flowing beards and stood next to each other in pictures, staring very hard into the far distance, we had a thing called principles. Principles were, to paraphrase something which has been paraphrased before, “brilliant”. They meant that you shared your view of the world with other people without some other snot-nosed oik or poncey Middle-Class git sticking their oar into “your” principles.

Unfortunately, the world has changed and not for the better: Wynsor’s World of Shoes is now a semi-global brand; Jeff’s Bar is now Jeff’s Bar and Grill and the many thousands of Roys who formerly worked in BIG organisations are now working for ‘Roy’s Plumbing’, ‘Roy’s Electrics’ or ‘Roy’s Trouser Alterations’ of Driffield.

The world is also full, it would seem, of unprincipled types; snot-nosed oiks and poncey Middle-Class gits sticking their oar into “your” principles.

Why don’t they just naff off, Mr Barraclough.