by pauland1707

So, Sir Andy of SW19 and Dunblane, like his 2012 Olympian counterparts, rode in on a big white charger clad only in sports gear and saved Dave’s pork derived product yet again. Hurrah for Britain, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the UK, England, the Isle of Man. Did we forget anyone? Hurrah for Zimbabwe and South Africa as well, if they’re wearing our colours.

And hurrah for disabled, less-abled, partly-abled or whatever the correct term is this week sports-people.

Yes they’ve all struggled like buggery to squeeze a bit of extra dosh out of Dave, the man of the people, the man of the moment, the man of the hypocritical gesture. And they’ve all delivered. We’ve all forgotten about the pooh-level, just beneath our noses, for another week.

Come on the Isle of Lundy Pigeon Racing Team, we need you to win. For Britain.