Bloody Sheffield – An Experiment in Something.

by pauland1707

Being of the type to try most things, somethings but not other things at least once, or twice, or not at all, _Paul_And_Land_ stepped forth into the potentially dangerous cocktails and associated drinks market with the introduction of the “Bloody Sheffield”.

As any business minded person will be aware, rigorous product testing, market analysis and competitor understanding are fundamentals in new product release. As such, these elements have been explored in expansive field trials and certain areas have been found somewhat challenged. The product initiation and release team (PIRT) tested opposition products and found the taste a little difficult. The competitor’s product was also tested on a market cross-section and similar findings to those of PIRT were noted.

Whilst comments such as “it tastes like liquified pie”, “is it spicy soup” or “that is utterly disgusting” could be seen in a negative light, ultimately PIRT will take these comments onboard and review the competitors product with a view to reconstructing our own product to supply a more market friendly taste sensation.

Interested in joining the “Bloody Sheffield” PIRT? If you are, can we recommend some interventionist counselling therapy or, at least, some time in a darkened room.

“Bloody Sheffield” – it’s a taste you won’t want to remember!