Don’t Go There.

by pauland1707

Well it seems that Twitterland (in the UK, at least. Actually not all the UK but a relatively small group of people, in real terms) has been ringing off the hook (not really ringing off the hook as they put it on the out-of-office message but you get the picture) about Jane Austen and a tenner that someone owes someone else (this may not be the case but there you go, messages get mixed and before you know it The Labour Party are demanding the heads of all and sundry, The Conservative Party are saying that the market will resolve the problem and any other number of other people are farting and breezing like there’s no tomorrow).

Let’s cut to the chase, get right to heart of the matter and put our cards on the table here*, this is something that we’ve thought long and hard about. Some people are men and some people are women. Some people are not sure (which here at _Paul_And_Land_ is cool and funky and totally groovy). Some other people are total shit-bags (which here at _Paul_And_Land_ is not cool nor funky nor totally groovy). Thing is when some people start getting demanding about one thing, other people are going to get demanding back and some of them, the shit-bags, will probably get to be unpleasant. This, unfortunately, is a given and is true of all sorts of ‘isms’. Personally, we’d like more pastel colours on bank-notes but there you go.

A few weeks ago, the Tommy Robinson Brigade rocked up in Sheffield and kicked off. A few weeks ago the Anti-Fascists rocked up in Sheffield and kicked off. A few weeks ago friends of _Paul_And_Land_ rocked up in Sheffield and wanted a quiet mucky beer. That was not possible because two sets of people were kicking off and a day of mucky beer drinking was ruined. By shit-bags. From both ends of the spectrum.

Problem is the Shit-bags have, what they see as, a legitimate argument only they don’t put it across too well and, for want of better words, they get on everyone else’s nerves. Interrupting mucky beer drinking, taking over Twitterland or just generally kicking off.

Y’know, many of these problems stem from basic inequality: some people have got less access to something than other people. Only when everyone has the same amount of something as everyone else will things be slightly better. Call us idealists, but that there Capitalist System has something to answer for. So never mind sticking Jane Austen on a tenner stick the system (and a few shit-bags) on a rocket to Pluto and we might start getting some place.

*_Paul_And_Land_ was voted best politician of the year in 1972. And yes, that’s a very interesting question which I will come back to shortly after I’ve bored you senseless with some propagandist nonsense about how Max Jaffa and his Orchestra are at fault for the world’s problems.