by pauland1707

There are times when this old excitement lark can be, well, too exciting. The time perhaps when young ladies waft their faces (being careful, of course, not to make a pig’s of their extensions) and scream O M G.

Perchance one of said young ladies is called Lisa who, along with her unknown friend, punctured the peace of an otherwise wondrous night’s sleep with their somewhat banshee wails. We are happy to report, nevertheless, that the duet, who’s turn of phrase was at times less than ecclesiastical finally, agreed on the premise that they were both “bitches”. Most enlightening.

And the cause of these harsh words? Seemingly one or the other of these bright beacons of our future was undertaking a particularly physical relationship with a young man whose name, it transpired, is Daniel. The other, that is the one who is not undertaking a particularly physical relationship with the aforementioned, was of the opinion that Daniel was, and we quote, “a f*ckin’ gay-boy”.

Far be it from us to jump to conclusions but given some of the evidence raised regarding his sexual performance, the argument raised over Daniel’s sexuality appeared, on the face of it, a tad flimsy but who are we to judge? Still, a hearty thank-you to Lisa, her unknown friend and, even in his absence, Daniel for the interesting peek into the world of screaming at two in the morning over something nonsensical.