More Shirts

by pauland1707

Readers may, or indeed may not, recall the semi-well received scribbling entitled ‘Shirts’ which contained any number, which can include zero, of references to the aforementioned garments. Can we firstly contend that said post was possibly one of the finest pieces of writing in the English Language ever, without contest, bar none. This we will contend but it may not be an exactly true contention but that’s how we roll. Sometimes. Now and again. Just to be awkward.

Still, more shirts indeed. Traipsing around as we do, we often see various members of the Rt. Hon. General Public undertaking similar, if not identical, activities. That is, traipsing around and doing various things and stuff and what-not. Strangely enough, that’s what members of the Rt. Hon General Public do at times: traipse around and do various things and stuff and what-not. Some even mooch. Others, conversely, don’t. Whatever suits really. Invariably though some of these folks will be decked out in shirts. Perhaps even more shirts.

Now it’s like this, shirts can be a variety of things. They can be formal, casual, buttoned, unbuttoned, tasteless or whatever else you want them to be. Collared, uncollared, short sleeved, long sleeved, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There are even tee-shirts (yes, they are indeed shirts) which are emblazoned with various logos* and names with a sporting connection in some sort of way. So some of this stuff looks acceptable on Jessica Ennis-Hill, David Beckham or that bloke who sails yachts but on a less than athletic frame belonging to some article that spends more time traipsing around and doing various things and stuff and what-not, even mooching, it doesn’t look quite the same. Honest.

And it’s the same with tennis shorts. No! It’s entirely wrong. Unless you happen to be the soon to be (no doubt) Lord Wimbledon of Tennis or one of his close relatives Mr Rafal Prize Nadal or Mr Pete Samples do not even begin to consider slipping into a skimpy pair of tennis shorts. Ever.

Glad we’ve got that straight and who’s for a game of darts. Or shove-ha’penny. Or whist. Mine’s a mucky beer, cheers!

*Or should that be logi. Or logum. Or logii. Or Branding.