by pauland1707

Meanwhile, in a living room just outside Thwack, Mr and Mrs Eddie Pork-Luncheon-Meat are discussing the news….

“‘ere, Eddie, what’s in the paper?”

“It’s about the bleedin’ BBC, ennit? Twistin’ the truth and bein’ biased in favour of the bleedin’ government, ennit? Gawd, you’d ‘ave to be a right plonker to fall for their bleedin’ tricks.”

“That’s right Eddie, pass me glasses and the ol’ TV Quick. Eight o’clock, Nick Knowles, we like him don’t we Eddie, chasing up the Bulgarian Benefit Fraudsters working in the NHS and selling body parts for cash to Palestinian Terrorists.”

“That’s alright, Doll. Sounds right up our alley, does that.”