Stirlin’ bleedin’ Moss

by pauland1707

Just what the bleedin’ ‘ell is going on? Shiny Dave and his Shiny Gang of Shiny Shi…. Stop, that’s enough, let’s play nicely… Shiny Shiners, have sneaked some more bonkers legislation through. So if you drive a moped, a bus, a road-roller or a car you should be, shall we say, wary. If you drive geese, as you were, stand down and other such unalarming statements.

No, honestly, geese drivers are fine. Just let it go. Put that emotion behind a closed door. Please.

Shessh, these geese drivers, it’s okay for them if they hog the middle lane, push into a queue of standing traffic or travel at an inappropriate speed but not for other road users. And then, to add insult to injury, you go to Tesco* and there they are: geese drivers pulling their handbrake turns and pulling out in front of oncoming traffic. Shameful.

What is this unbelievable level of arse? People are dying, everyday, because of Government policies and yet they deem it vital and necessary to crack down on persistent centre lane violators. Words fail. Can we just get rid of ’em please. The government that is, not centre lane violators. Imagine all those centre lane violators from Stoke Poges or Penge or Ewell suddenly seeing the light. A hearty Middle England shout of “oh do fack awf, David, yaw sach a chaw”. Quite.

And don’t even start me on Eric Pickles and his bin-blight crusade. No, don’t. It would get messy and we don’t want that, do we?

*Other supermarkets are available