Than Kew Purfessor

by pauland1707

The most wonderful Purfessor retweeted this ‘ere thing: “These are my classroom rules: “Everyone tries their best, everyone helps each other to do their best, and no one is afraid of failing”. This got the combined minds of _Paul_And_Land_ thinking. Yes, thinking. We know it’s an infrequent thing and possibly worthy of a Bank Holiday but there you go. Now and again it happens.

Why are these rules only for the classroom? Surely we can extend them to life in general. A few kind words, the odd bit of praise, a helping hand or whatever can be a life-saver to someone at a low ebb. And it’s a two way process, if you find yourself staring into the abyss you shouldn’t be afraid of turning to others for support. It’s now a political cliche but, if truth be told, we are “all in this together”. However the politicos together is not and never will be our together and they, the politically motivated Johnny Come Lately’s, cannot ever, ever be allowed to break “our” together.