A Young Anthony Valentine

by pauland1707

Some of us in _Paul_And_Land_ recall an utterly corking programme on the telly back when cardboard was still de rigeur with scenery types. Amongst its many stars were the absolutely Scottish bloke who was in The Man From Uncle, Jack thingie who had very curly hair and some other famous people who names trip off the tongue. There was a cardboard castle, as well, and a young Anthony Valentine who played a German Officer with a more than passing resemblance to Anthony Valentine.

Strangely enough, or not dependant on your views, given that all the British were being held as POWs, the programme was about British and Canadians and Orstrailians and Poles and Dutch and some others sticking one over on Jerry in a cardboard castle. You might have seen it another way if you were a German. You might have thought it was about British and Canadians and Orstrailians and Poles and Dutch and some others being a pain in the harris, so there you go. But still in a cardboard castle.

“But what is this to do with anything” the usual small voice at the back of the room asks. And we respond, in a voice most stentorian and smewhat rather like Brian Blessed, “NOTHING AT ALL”. Brilliant. Well said. But a flippin’ big fat porkie, Brian, because Anthony Valentine, in his young guise and away from the cardboard castle, hung around the railway station chasing escapee POWs of the many nations already discussed, pointed out and talked about. Sort of.

Railway stations. Where railways go, and escapee POWs it would seem. And people that your local Bobby-Coppers would like to have a chat to and which is clearly why so many Bobby-Coppers hang around these ‘ere places checking tickets and the like. They even tell the unwitting traveller that they’re going to be there. Checking up on the POWs, no doubt. Raus, Raus, Raus!