More War of Words

by pauland1707

Police were still not in the least bit concerned following the spat that threatened to become an international incident on Twitter earlier today. A shocking revelation, concerning a well executed robbery at the potentially internationally reknowned Tripe Marketing Board, was quickly rebuffed by a Spokesperson speaking on behalf of _Paul_And_Land_ whose otherwise good name was besmirched in the exchange which at times became almost tepid.

Speaking on behalf of _Paul_And_Land_, @_Paul_And_ stated “this was an incident that could, potentially, have become quite tepid but we can confirm that we haven’t knicked a consignment of biro’s and if anyone is planning on putting the finger on us then they’ll get some grief”. Interestingly, @_Paul_And_ is unaccustomed to public speaking.

The Tripe Marketing Board have, thus far, remained fairly tight-lipped and their Big Cheese and Top Enchillada, Sir Norman Wrassle, was believed to be in North-East Lancashire. Or Blackpool. Promoting tripe. Interestingly, @Sir_Norman is accustomed to public speaking.