War II

by pauland1707

Hurrah for the World Police and Super Barak on his dashing charger heartily backed up by Donkey Dave on his Burro. What flavour of Democracy do y’awl want? You can have Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Texaco or Fox News. We’ll even deliver. But not on a moped. Maybe we’ll wear a nice corporate uniform. You’ll get used to the uniforms.

They’ll bring your super sized, family friendly, big fat bucket of Democracy to go with an order of fries and misery to your door. They’ll even take your door, your family, your moped and you. Because they can, because this is a War on Terror, because it has no meaning, no enemy, no focus. Just terror.

We’re scared of spiders and clowns, come on down Barak, bomb the hell out of them.