Once in a Lifetime

by pauland1707

We are brimming over with excited excitement ‘ere in the white hot nerve centre of _Paul_And_Land_ at the possible experience and chance of a lifetime offered by Jeff’s Bar and Grill (in association Barry Sludge Motor Coaches “Being small doesn’t mean being rubbish”) with their 1947 tour. Our tour will whisk us southward on an exclusive Barry Sludge Motor Coaches vehicle with all modern conveniences included including, seats, a driver and seats which are all inclusive.

Following our exclusive journey through Stoke and Nuneaton utilising inclusive seats, we will alight in the centre of London, yes London, where we will have barely moments to catch our breath before boarding our exclusive but not inclusive 1947 train.

Departing from the city-centre and exclusive Victoria Station, our 1947 train will offer many chances to gawp at Battersea Park, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth Common, Balham, Mitcham Eastfields, Mitcham Junction, Hackbridge, Carshalton, Sutton, Cheam, Ewell East prior to our arrival at internationally reknowned Epsom.

Our return journey will be the same only the other way round. During our journey, Barry Sludge’s exclusive and all inclusive service will have been subsumed into the First Arriva Keolis Stagecoach Group and any excitement will be crushed by mediocrity and a tie-adorned driver.

Booking may or may not be essential. Provide your own clean undergarments.