by pauland1707

Remember when you were little and you used to play in the park? That’s a good start and as a beginning it’s not too bad either especially if you thought “yes, I do”. If you thought “no” then it’s rubbish but hey-ho and away we go, donkey riding, donkey riding.

We had a ball, a cheap ball. It was made in Taiwan. But it was still a ball. Other kids also played with the ball. It was the greatest ball ever. Indeed, it was so great that other young ‘uns used to gather round and watch us playing with our ball. Probably because they didn’t have a ball. They tried to fashion a ball using old bus tickets, copies of the Woman’s Weekly and straw but they weren’t classy like our Taiwanese ball.

Then a Taiwanese kid turned up at the park. He had a ball. It was the same as ours. But no-one really liked the Taiwanese kid, even though he had a ball. We carried on playing with our Taiwanese ball but the other kids didn’t watch us any more. So we kicked the ball into the hedge in a fit of mardy. The other kids saw what we’d done and went to get the ball but we weren’t having that. Nah. Those fuckers could play with their pile of bus tickets. And then the Taiwanese kid said “play with my ball”. We didn’t like that. So we had a big fight. And it rained so we were all fucked.

Isn’t it a good thing our politicians aren’t like us kids? Especially now we’ve all got Playstations and don’t talk. We’re playing war now.