Time Warp

by pauland1707

We’re angry. We’re listening to 1980s hardcore punk of the genres ears bleed, feckin’ ‘ell and anger. Why are we angry here in _Paul_And_Land_? And why 1980s?

If our political “leaders” are going to drag us back to flag wavy “hoorah for us” and kill everyone who isn’t us and who have the temerity to question what they are doing then why shouldn’t we, in the kiddie like fashion that they treat us, kick our heels in and shout loudly. What they forget is that we’re not little kiddies, that we have the power to think and the ability to analyse problems that ain’t that complex really.

So when Shiny Dave and his screaming mates holler “these people are bad, let’s kill ’em”, we question their motives. And we actually don’t need St Julian of Asshat, Edward Snowball (cop for the Animal Farm reference, right there), George Galloping-away-on-his-ego or any other latter day pseudo super-hero to tell us because we’ve been here before. Argentina, Don’t Cry For, allegedly, unless you recall Thatch’s cover-ups.

But now we have Shiny Dave, who will at some juncture appear in a nice picture astride a tank, screaming in unison with Super General Obama “Kill the Commie/Pinko/Fascist/Inhuman/God Damned Foreign* Bastards” to rouse us . But Dave, we ask, we’re in a situation where people are reduced to begging on the streets again because we, as a nation are so poor that we are forced to eat our own limbs. How can we afford to bomb people in another country where people are so poor that they are forced to eat their own limbs? But we have money for weapons.

So take your poxy special relationship, your poxy war-mongering bullshit, your poxy corporations and banks that lobby your poxy government for war and stuff them. We are suss, we know of your motives and theirs. And you know what, some of us didn’t inherit the hate for you from books. Or our Mums and Dads. Or some of the other old boys who’ve been here previously. No, we’ve, as in WE, US, the plural of I, been here before.

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