Nazi Zombies on the Moon. With Tanks.

by pauland1707

Interestingly, or not, it has long been a wish of the _Paul_And_Land_ team to knock out a film based loosely on the concept of Nazi zombies living on the moon in a tank.   Obviously there are some tiny details to fill in on the plot-line but overall, as a concept concerning Nazi zombies living on the moon in a tank, it’s pretty much bullet-proof.   More or less.

Talking of Harpenden, which we may or may not have being doing at that particular juncture, the world of _Paul_And_Land_ has most recently and this week as well been joined by a writerest from said place.   As an author, and writer, of some reknown, our new resident, Carol, writes things and is an author.   And she’s from Harpenden.   In Hertfordshire.   She also kicks off at Councils which is somewhat more exciting than Nazi zombies on the moon in a tank but what do we know, read her own stuff cos’ it’s rather nifty.   Boo and shout rude words at the bad people too.

Meanwhile, back on the zombie moon base (Nazi or otherwise), Norf Lincolnshire wide-boy without a name has been shouting at people and getting lairy and uptight and Waltham-esque.   Seems those bad buggers at Winterton aren’t letting him have his way.   You be careful out there, he’ll be packing his spotted hankie, climbing aboard his Wheels-to-Work moped and buggering off elsewhere.   We do have a selection of expanding suitcases should he require them.

Far be it from us, in the misty uplands of upland _Paul_And_Land_, to discuss the untoward but there is some untoward stuff going on.   Most notably in a place called Johnny Foreigner Land which is clearly a damned bad place because our own Leaders (anag, 6) say it is.   Maybe, some of our own should be on the moon.   Maybe.

Still, those sparky young people at Ferric Streets have been out and about doing stuff and things.   And other stuff and other things and some of it is on this ‘ere LincolnshireRed blog which really is rather good.   So read it!   Or the Nazi Zombies get unleashed on an ususpecting shopping mall.

In Minneapolis.

And Tiffany will be singing.  Die Zombies!