Well, What a Carry On.

by pauland1707

Well it seems like the local Parliamentary chappie is causing a stir again. If he’s not being voted as the eighth worst Tweeter then he’s offending the local news purveyor with his excessive spending on stuff. They may have a point.

Spending a bit of our hard-earned on a few sticks for the office would be all well and good during his first year of tenure and acceptable. After all we can’t have his staffers sitting around on orange boxes, can we. But two years in and shelling out the best part of two grand is a bit much. And justifying the expense by saying it’s all about Elf an’ Safety, well no. It is, to use our favourite phrase, taking the mince. And then we have the somewhat pricey lunch, etc, bills. C’mon fella, stick your finger on the pulse, people aren’t buying all that boloney. Pop to your local supermarket and knock up some sarnies like the rest of us. And if you must have prawns, get a bag of prawn cocktail crisps.

Talking of travel, which we weren’t, if it’s part of your job, then it’s part of your job. But now it seems that the Parliamentary types are using such things as travel and stuff to indicate how utterly saintly they are. “I don’t claim a single penny for travelling around my constituency”, some will cry. As if that makes them a better person. No, it doesn’t, it makes them hypocrites because travelling around their constituencies is a part of their job. In the same way that sending letters is a part of their job.

On the subject of letters: employing the Missus. Not a good idea. But when has that ever got in the way of screwing a few extra quid out of the public. Just because it’s allowed doesn’t mean it’s justifiable. And him, a man of the Church.