Leaders Lives

by pauland1707

Barely has the paint dried on Country & Western and already people are demanding more.  Are you people quite, quite insane?  Still, who are we to argue with the vagaries of the great North Lincolnshire public.  But now we hear that that some local film-makers are contemplating knocking out a low-budget horror flick.

Where's Jack Nicholson?

Where’s Jack Nicholson?

Buoyed up by the horror movie success of recently deceased internationally reknowned starlet Karen Black, our very own horror Liz Redfern is possibly contemplating a part in said production.  And she’s got the winning look has our Liz; the look of fear in her eye, the grinning rictus of death, the badly slept-in hair and only a tea towel for company.  Lizzie baby, get yourself a hat and you’ll be a star.

Hell, who's the creepy looking woman?

Hell, who’s the creepy looking woman?