Shock Tactics

by pauland1707

Right on time, the Godfrey Bloom show hits town. Like the Boris Johnson of UKIP, he’s shooting his mouth off and wafting his arms in a show designed to raise hackles. But old Godfrey needs a side kick: this kind of nonsense is too much for one idiot. So, right on cue, Michael Crick of Channel 4 news pops up and questions whether racism exists within UKIP. The response is comedy gold.

It’s pretty bloody obvious that UKIP aren’t racist Michael, they’re nationalists and isolationists which implies something but not full on racism. There may be racists in their number but as an organisation, nah, they ain’t racist. Plain as the nose on your face. And anyway, its still not our cup of tea.

But for his outburst, Godfrey has lost the whip. BIG feckin’ deal, every TV is buzzing wiith the story, every newspaper will cover the story in full colour, Radio 4 will be feigning outrage. Oh, and it’s the UKIP conference, Nigel will be giving his own balls a extra hard lick this morning as he considers Godfrey’s future. The House of Lords?