Sharkey and George

by pauland1707

Apropos of nothing in particular, there is an episode of Happy Days (the rather hip and trendy hit show from back in the day) in which The Fonz (the rather hip and trendy hit show star from back in the day) leaps over a bemused shark clad only in a leather jacket and swimming trunks. The Fonz (the rather hip and trendy hit show star from back in the day) that is and not the shark (who was not the rather hip and trendy hit show star from back in the day but only a regular shark). This is where we get the famous show business saying: “Don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington”. Or not.

And likewise Music Hall Comedy Starlets: McBride and Dale, have been leaping, salmon-like, over the large, predatory sharky type thingy in Brighton. At some conference. With ITV. Or someone, somewhere. The railings look lovely.

McBride was doing a piece to camera (we know all the words here in _Paul_And_Land_ and cue the action) being interviewed by an interviewer (see, we don’t lie. All the words) when a chap wanders past with a dog. Said chap (rather like the Man from Porlock) had a message to be delivered and he was not to be dissuaded from this task. Dale, the well known political hack and chaperone of well known political toss-bag McBride, was having none of this and quickly disrobed to reveal his alter-ego, Control-Freak. Control-Freak was on his task like a Jack Russell on an ankle, as our hero (clad in a woolly hat) was wrestled to the deck and our hero’s dog barked in support of the woolly hat wearer. Kent Walton was sadly missed.

McBride continued professionally. Or nonchalantly. The right to protest is not his bag (unless it means sending unprofessional e-mail). And thus the professional, political classes jumped the shark. Unless they have a role to play in undermining or in the selling of their latest scribblings, they really don’t give a hoot about the concerns of the real folk, woolly hatted or not.

Maybe we should give their comic book antics a miss. Just a thought.