Grumpy Bastard

by pauland1707

So it’s Sunday and there’s a whole bunch of people walking about.  Waving flags and banners.  Shouting.  Carrying on.  Not that the BBC would tell you as it seems to have slipped through their fingers.  What do we pay these bastards for?  Bruce Forsyth and a bunch of overpaid arse-holes jigging about whilst the country steadily goes to rack and ruin.  More overpaid bastards.  The country is over-run by overpaid bastards and they’re all telling the poor bastards how to run their lives.

So anyroad, all these folks walking about, from one place to another.  That’s going to change the world, ain’t it?  People walking about, some with cameras, some with sandwiches, some with blisters and changing nothing.  That’s the honest truth.  And they’ll all be saying “Vote for the other side and they’ll change everything”.  But they won’t, they all do the same: become overpaid bastards who tell the poor bastards how to run their lives.  Or jig about.

Yeah, it’s Mardy Day in _Paul_And_Land_ and mardiness is abounding.  Don’t expect any change soon.