by pauland1707

Poking around in the dusty filing cabinets that make up the dusty filing cabinet bit of _Paul_And_Land_ can be quite invigorating. Just the other day, a Toffee Crisp came to light and a pair of socks. Still no sign of that Pickled Egg lost during the bombing in the 1940s. Some North-eastern city of which little of the old city now exists and parts, 60 years in the future, still show the deep scars of a lack of unity and crazy people obsessed with world domination. But it’s going to be all cultural. Which is most excellent. And brilliant. Because it is a very pleasant place with a funny accent. The BBC (yes them again) portray this city as a crime-ridden ghetto. They’re wrong again. Go there, see if you can if you can find that durned pickled egg.

Talking of car-parking, which we weren’t but that’s the way of dusty filing cabinets in the dusty filing cabinet section of _Paul_And_Land_. Why are there a zillion disabled parking places at ASDA and TESCO and Council Car Parks? There’s a thing. There aren’t a zillion disabled people in any place. Honest. But it seems that there is with all them there parking places. So what happens is that undisabled people get a bit miffy and start using disabled parking places when they’re not disabled because they’re undisabled. And they grumble and grizzle and get miffy about disabled people getting all the perks. Yes, people who can’t walk or can’t see stuff or who struggle with things getting all the perks. That’s how governments work. Some people need extra consideration, extra help, extra thought, like what ATOS don’t.

And then there was a BIG Geordie skinhead. It’s a North-eastern city is Geordie-City-Land, y’see the connection? And the BIG Geordie skinhead was on his pheletone probably talking to another BIG Geordie skinhead from Geordie-City-Land. With tattoos and sideburns and tight Levi Strauss trousers and big boots and more tattoos. And an accent from Geordie-City-Land possibly with tattoos. Who can say? But, and unlike the three chaps refitting a shop for Mr Sainsbury who struggled to put together a sentence without riffling through the dictionary of expletive, the betattooed and closely cropped BIG Geordie was using nice words. His naughtiest expression was “Clumsy Clot”. Don’t go judging Dictionaries by their covers: North-eastern cities, disabled parking places and BIG Geordie tattoos can surprise.