by pauland1707

Sometimes the good folks of _Paul_And_Land_ have an extra bounce in their springy stride. Or even an extra spring in their bouncy stride. Either way, it means that they’re feeling very “top of the morning, sir”, smashing or just plain happy with their little souls. Not that these citizens aren’t generally “top of the morning, sir”, smashing or just plain happy with their little souls at the lowest ebb but sometimes the springiness has added bounce and the bounciness has added spring.

Hmm, yes, where are we going with this would be the usual question from a small voice at the back of the room. Said small voice at the back of the room has, so the newscasters of _Paul_And_Land_ say and inform, by the way, been extra bouncy and springy today and has found himself fully bounced and sprung by the attentions of a not unattractive blonde lady. And not Jayne from Macclesfield. Waving she was and smiling. All very heady stuff for the small voice at the back of the room. Proper turned his head. But enough.

Y’see that’s the way things are in the land of _Paul_And_Land_, simple pleasures excite our persons. A tiny wee and little message from the outside earth and world brings a bright spark to their lives. They love nothing more than new residents in the avenues and byways and boulevards and Strasses, etc. Adds a bit of sparkle. A bit of gleam. A bit of “Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner” although other oven cleaners are available from the usual outlets. They care not for such things. Other outlets, that is. They are more than happy with Mr Singh’s Supermarket and Off-Licence Ltd. And a jar of pickled onions please Sanjay.

It’s a lovely place is _Paul_And_Land_, bright and sunny and uplandish and, with waves from not unattractive blonde ladies who are not Jayne from Macclesfield, it gets better. And new residents. Welcome, feel free to wear corduroy. And eat pickled onions during the interval.