Disaster Movies about Beds

by pauland1707

As a possibly not very famous film critic once may have said (or alternatively, may not have said) “there is a lack of films within the disaster genre on beds”. The sort of thing involving a bad person dressed as Dennis Hopper or Donald Pleasantries or that chap with the electric drill doing unfillings in “Marathon Man” before they were renamed as “Snickers” and a bomb. Or a fizzing electrical panel. Or a bus. Or a large shark fighting with a rubber dinosaur. This one though would involve none of the above but a duvet, which as we all know is latin for “fall on the floor”, with a mind of it’s own. Quentin Tarantino, the idea is out there. We imagine Uma and John will be beating a path to your lounge.

There will be a bit part, see we even know the lingo, for a self-destructive Blackberry and Apple mobile communication device which will be attuned to Haus, the washing machine. As soon as Haus gets switched on, the Blackberry and Apple mobile communication device will head in the opposite direction and go all wrong. Such is the nature of megalomaniac Blackberry and Apple mobile communication devices. Uma Thurman as a washing machine, that’s a challenging role.

Still, the upshot is that the Blackberry and Apple mobile communication device goes all pear-shaped, possibly as the result of an interesting academic out-pouring, and the hero of our disaster movie (Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, Robert Redford or James Robertson-Justice) finds themselves bereft and lost and lost and bereft without the aid of their trusty Blackberry and Apple mobile communication device. Messages will be sellotaped to the door but, because Haus is still going through her quick wash cycle, they will remain unseen. That is until Haus runs out of steam. Or coal. Or both. And the trusty corduroy bedecked Blackberry and Apple mobile communication device fizzes back into life. Possibly with a pneumatic arm or leg.

All the fair citizens of _Paul_And_Land_ would part with round shiny things to see such a cinematic glory. Maybe. Is Tom Cruise available at short notice?