Strange Brew

by pauland1707

Deep in the deepest, darkest deep forests of deepest, darkest _Paul_And_Land_ are some deep and dark shenanigans. Some are deep, some are dark and some are just deep and dark. With an added air of darkness and not surprisingly deepness, just for good measure.

Somewhere, over that fence, in the deep and dark part of town lay the purveyors of ingredients. Yes ingredients, bits and pieces, components of sorts for a heady and strangely refreshing brew known locally for it’s abilities to put all the citizens of our beloved place fast asleep. Quickly and with some level and rapidity. The recipe for this secret jollop is known only to the Elderly Elders of Elderly _Paul_And_Land_ and as they sit, cogitating, in the back bar nursing a pint of Old Trout #7, they think of interesting and even more interesting ways to add extra oomph to the brew.

So next time you’re in Tesco or Aldi or Morringtons or Ranjit’s 24 Convenience Store, you spare a little thought for the Elderly Elders as they pore over their shopping lists. Be a little more patient. They’re possibly working on important stuff.