by pauland1707

Some of the person peoples living in this place have a little too much energy. All running about, riding bicycles quickly and generally being athletic. No harm in that we hear you say and we agree, no harm at all in running about, riding bicycles quickly and generally being athletic however there is a bit of harm for ears when some of the more noisy types get going.

Like these tennis playing players who sound like they’ve stuck a fork in their leg every time they hit a ball. Or basketball basketers who spend their entire career squeaking and hollering “High Five”. What is it all about? And cricket chaps getting all pointy and shouting “Who’s that”. And gyms, yes gyms. All that running about and rowing a boat that goes nowhere and lifting stuff and bending. Some of ’em should try a good dinner rather than shovelling handfuls of protein enriched protein with added protein into their fizzogs. Well. Sometimes nothing beats a nice pie or baked beans or something else particularly scrummy. They’re another bunch of noisy beggars, Rugby types. Always crunching tackles. I prefer tackling a Crunchie personally. Far more satisfying.

Sometimes you just a bit of peace and quiet. Some sweet silence but before you know it, the athletics begin and the forks are being stabbed into the legs. Will you give it a rest. Read a good book instead. And have a Crunchie.