The Festival of Joy and Happiness

by pauland1707

Hurrah (and, obviously Huzzah) for the Day of Joy and Happiness is upon us. The very day when Joy and her very close associate Happiness dance among the Citizens of this tiny band of Citizens. The buses, such is the nature of buses, have long since stopped running and Mr Singh’s Convenience Store and Off-Licence has pulled down the shutters to celebrate this most important date in the _Paul_And_Land_ Calendar.

Friends hug and kiss, and the chaps, in the parlour of the _Paul_And_Land_ who enjoy fisticuffs, will put away their weapons and dance the day away as the Landlord will stick a Barry White Compact Disc Compilation Disc on, on this most glorious of days, for Joy and her most close associate, Happiness, are among us. Even our National poet, Mr Chris of the Rear, is bouncing, his car parked on the drive and Joy is bouncing in his Living Room, Kitchen and En-suite. Happiness, as is her won’t, will skirt these places and head straight for the happiest places: the head and the heart. No doubt, she will play a xylophone of love for some and, for others of that persuasion, a canape of rollmop herrings will be unfurled.

And on the Town Green, for that is where we all meet eventually, songs and songsters will praise Joy and her close associate Happiness in hearty renditions of Donna Summer and Minnie Ripperton tunes. By Golly, yes they will. And people will holler and yahoo (proper yahoo’s not the dubious type), Mountain Dew (which has curious properties in the tickling innards department) will flow and Joy with her friend and close associate Happiness will walk amongst us. Oh yes they will. Even in The Department of Nasty Things, a key will turn revealing to Joy (and her close associate Happiness) a level of love (the goddess of Gawd Blimey Missus) unknown in these parts throughout these past seasons. What joy will Joy bring? We can only begin to estimate but Joy is a free-giver and her pal, Happiness, is equally easy going. Here in _Paul_And_Land_, we’re having a hoot of a time. Now back to the studio.